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Homeowners and Condominium Associations Rush to Complete Wateproofing Inspections Before El Niño

deck inspection

deck inspection It is speculated that the balcony collapses over the past year have spiked an interest in deck inspections preventative maintenance for waterproof decks and balconies.

“Since we specialize in waterproofing and deck repair, you can imagine how our phones ring off the hook during the rainy season. This is when homeowners realize their decks are leaking. The problem is that we can’t actually perform repairs while it is raining, and it can rain for days, even weeks at a time. This year is a first, in that many homeowners are being proactive with deck inspections and repairs, in preparation for what is considered the worst El Niño ever,” says Sean Krubinski, WICR’s Vice President of Reconstruction and Maintenance.

“We’re really glad to see this trend, as it indicates an educated consumer. When water penetrates even a small crack in a waterproof deck’s surface, it can cause rot and mold through to the structure of the building, while the exterior of the deck still looks quite normal,” says Androniki Bossonis, WICR’s Director of Marketing. “Getting a deck inspection and reseal before the rainy season can save thousands in potential repairs and water damage.”

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