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How to Fix Leaky Elevator Pit

elevator pit waterproofing

Water leaks are extremely detrimental to any building, even more so when crucial mechanical equipment is involved. If your property has a leaky elevator pit, it’s important to attend to it immediately in order to prevent any further costs and damage.


Before we get into how to fix a leaky elevator pit, it’s important to understand how water gets in an elevator pit and the advantages of controlling the leak early on.



How It Happens

Since an elevator pit exists underground, it’s inevitable that this area will accumulate any leaking water from above. The weather or faulty plumbing pipes may be to blame for this. Additionally, over time, rainwater and moisture from the ground below the building may wreak havoc on the poured concrete, causing it to crack and let water in.


Ineffective application or damage to the existing waterproofing system can potentially lead to flooding in the entire elevator shaft. This will result in high repair costs and become a massive inconvenience for those in the building who need to use the elevator.



Why Fix a Leaky Elevator Pit


  1. Prevent your property from being shuttered

Many buildings are required to have an operating elevator inside. If the leaking water causes damage to the mechanical parts of the elevator, it will have to be shut down until it is repaired. Not only will this be a major inconvenience to those in the building, but it may also cause your property to be shuttered.


  1. Avoid excavations

Excavations are expensive and extremely time-consuming. If the water damage becomes progressively worse, the repair will have to occur from outside the building, meaning you will have to pay to dig up the area around the elevator.


  1. Stop construction delays

Water in an elevator pit in a building under construction may mean that building has to stop. This may mean partial areas of the building must be closed for construction or even the entire building.



How to Fix It

If your property has a leaky elevator pit, there are a few options to fix it –depending on how bad the leak is. You may excavate and do positive side waterproofing, install a sump pump, use a superficial waterproofing seal, or fill the gaps with caulk. However, these options can be expensive, time-consuming, and may not last forever. That’s why your best bet would be to leave it to the elevator pit waterproofing experts.



How It Works

WICR waterproofing experts will first do a thorough analysis of the elevator pit or underground structure. After the area is cleaned and degreased, strategically placed holes are drilled into the surface to prepare for injection. The hydraulic injection grout used in this process is a single-component material that reacts with the water. Additionally, this technique involves both positive and negative side waterproofing. This establishes an extremely durable bond, which ensures a seal that will last forever. Not all elevator pits qualify for this technique.


As you can see, water damage is more than an inconvenience – it can be a hazard. If your property has water in the elevator pit, you must act immediately. If you want your waterproofing to be done by a true specialist using the most-effective technique, contact WICR for a consultation.