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Know the Pros and Cons of Wood Deck and Cement Patio for an Informed Choice

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Looking to extend your home’s living space? If building up is not an option, you can always extend outdoors. This is a lot cheaper too since you won’t need to add a foundation for a second floor or a mezzanine, which takes a lot of work and money. A deck and a patio are great ways to extend your living space. If you already have a deck but need repairs, WICR is one of the best deck repair companies, and they can help with any repairs.


Built right, your home can have its much-needed space and its value is likely to increase as well.


Since you can’t have both (well you can if you have space and funds), you should choose which one suits you best.


This article will help you make a wise and informed decision.



Wooden Deck

Decks are often built at a height and never directly on the ground. It is usually connected to different areas on a lower floor, such as the kitchen or living room. It requires a support system in place and may be built with or without a roof.


The great thing about decks is that there are deck repair companies that can assist you.



Pros of a Wooden Deck

  • Good returns on investment at 87% on average, resulting in a property with a higher resale value.
  • It is one of the home renovations that payback well.
  • The best solution for a property with uneven terrain. The support system can be built to create a leveled deck over the uneven ground.
  • Provides a better view at a height, and especially when built overlooking the garden or a landscaped yard.
  • Can be customized to the design, color, or stain that you want. This makes it easier to create continuity in terms of design and when creating transitional spaces.
  • Ideal in areas with a warmer climate, what with wood naturally heat absorbent without retaining it.



Cons of a Wooden Deck

  • Wood requires regular maintenance to increase longevity. Every couple of years, a wooden deck needs to be washed, stained, and sealed.
  • Wood without proper treatment is susceptible to rot and weather, resulting in a shorter life span.
  • May require a permit to be built, depending on the town and city building rules.
  • Wooden decks tend to be more expensive, more so if high-end materials are used.
  • Weight must be considered, especially if you want to add a hot tub. The more weight, the more materials are needed to build the support.



Cement Patio

As a paved area built directly on the ground, a patio seems like a more affordable choice. It can be built attached to a house or not. But it has its share of problems too.



Pros of a Cement Patio

  • Less expensive to build as it is flushed to the ground and doesn’t require a support system.
  • Easier to maintain since cement doesn’t require sealing or treatments. Washing is all that’s needed to keep it looking good.
  • Can be built to provide a more private outdoor space for you.
  • Last longer, what with cement having a longer lifespan.
  • A building permit isn’t typically required.



Cons of a Cement Patio

  • Not ideal for uneven terrain and will take a lot of work if you insist on it.
  • Cement tends to crack when the soil underneath isn’t properly prepared.
  • Not recommended for areas with extreme temperatures as concrete may crack.
  • Requires more intensive construction and takes time to complete.



What do you think?

Armed with this information, it will be easier to decide between a deck and patio. If you opt for the former for its aesthetics and other benefits, call a deck builder. Your best bet is deck repair companies that also offer new build and maintenance services.




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