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What to Consider When Installing Planters

installing planters

After seeing that gorgeous plant arrangement in your neighbor’s yard, you may want one for yourself. But where do you start? How do you choose the right planters? And how do you take care of them?


Planters add an extra design element to any yard, deck or entryway, but they require upkeep and protection. With so many elements to consider, such as exposure to weather, adding a waterproofing system or plant types, putting in planters can seem like a daunting task. Here are some things to keep in mind when installing outdoor planter boxes.


Drainage Type

Every planter is different, but they all require drainage. Proper drainage helps support the healthy growth of the plants within them and will prevent damage to the planter and surface under it by preventing overflow. Whether you choose drainage holes on the bottom or sides of the planter or a different method, it’s important to integrate it with the planter’s waterproofing system so everything works together seamlessly.


Irrigation Methods

Planning out and installing your irrigation method ahead of time will save you so much hassle later on. When choosing the right system, think about which will keep water flowing at an even pace without overflowing. Drip irrigation is usually recommended, because it doesn’t introduce a large volume of water at once which can lead to flooding, damaging your plants and the surface under your planter.



Protecting the surface of your planter is important, but choosing the wrong plants to go inside can undo all the protection the waterproofing system has provided. Avoid plants with aggressive root systems, as these are one of the main culprits of waterproofing failures. Additionally, think about where your planter will be located, and choose plants that will thrive, so they are easier for you to maintain.


Weather Protection

Waterproofing your planter will help it stand up to the elements and continue to function well and look great for years. But preserving the surface your planter sits on is just as essential as keeping the planter itself protected. Waterproofing membranes and other protection accessories like a drainage mat are vital for preventing costly repairs to your planter or deck later on.


The Details

Even after taking the proper steps in putting together the perfect planter, it all comes down to the details. Even one penetration through the planter floor can cause leaks, decreasing the health of the plants and damaging the planter and surface it’s on. Make sure everything is watertight from the start to prevent this from happening. Choosing the right exterior planter finish can help with this, but be sure to watch out for any bubbling or other issues and take care of it right away.


After putting so much work into carefully selecting the perfect planters, you’ll want to enjoy them for a long time. Making sure to plan ahead as well as keep up with regular maintenance to help your planters stay protected. Giving your planters a waterproof coating will help them stand up to any weather conditions and keep them looking beautiful, longer.


The professionals at WICR make planter upkeep easy, by helping you install waterproofing and drainage systems to preserve the longevity and beauty of your planters. Happy planting!