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What’s The Most Important Thing You Need To Know About El Niño?

deck repair

deck repair

El Niño 2015 will arrive in California this fall, bringing harsh winds and weeks of pounding rains. What’s the most important thing that homeowners and property managers need to know?

Don’t wait for leaks to find out you need repairs…get your balcony decks, walkways and roofs inspected before the storm hits. 

Why? Several reasons.

1.) Construction crews can’t fix most leaks while it is raining, and it will rain for days or weeks at a time.

2.) Construction crews are overwhelmed with calls during the rains, so scheduling can be difficult, resulting in unhappy homeowners.

3.) Fixing minor repairs when they are just small cracks is inexpensive. However, after water penetrates the surface, water damage results, and the costs become significantly higher.


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