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North Carolina Town Initiates Mandatory Annual Deck Inspections

deck repair

deck repairThe major vacation rental companies in the North Carolina town of Emerald Isle have banded together to start a mandatory deck inspection program.

The vacation rental companies have been working with the town of Emerald Isle since July, 2015, when a deck collapse injured more than 20 members of a Virginia family.

Currently, the program applies to all rental units that are managed by the vacation rental companies (over 1,500 units). As of this week, all vacation rental units managed by these companies are required to be inspected at least once annually, by either a licensed North Carolina waterproofing and decking contractor, or a licensed North Carolina professional engineer. The program insures that safety or structural concerns can be caught early on, before they pose a risk of injury.

It will be up to the property owners to make any required repairs that are identified in the inspections, and a failure to comply will result in the suspension of that owner’s ability to rent their unit.

The mandatory deck inspection program is an unprecedented move in the direction of public safety.


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