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3 Best Practices in Professional Deck Waterproofing

deck waterproofing

With all the benefits of having a deck in your home, it’s only wise to take care of it and make it last for as long as possible, one of which is by investing in professional deck waterproofing.


Installing a deck was, without a doubt, one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. Having that extra space outside your house where you can host dinner parties or just spend quality time with family has been quite beneficial, not to mention all that extra value that you’ll get if you decide to put your house up for sale in the future.


Luckily, you can now hire the services of deck waterproofing specialists to get the job done for you. But to make sure that you make the most of your investment, it’s very important to follow these three best practices:



Getting Involved with Waterproof Deck Design


Since you’ll be the one using your deck, you need to get involved from the beginning stages of the design process to make sure that you and your deck waterproofing team are all on the same page. Determine what you want to have on your deck, let’s say a hot tub or an outdoor kitchen, so your builder can make all the necessary adjustments to accommodate the load and strain on your deck.



Spending a Little More for Framing and Substrate


It’s a fact: not everything that costs less will benefit you more. This is especially true in the case of joists on your deck where it really pays to spend a little more to beef it up and make it as strong as possible. Even if your plans say that it’s okay to use 2×8 joists, for instance, you can still opt to use 2x10s for an added cost of at least $100.


Making your deck a lot safer and more stable for many years is actually a lot cheaper than having to repair or replace them repeatedly, so go above and beyond if you need to. This also goes the same for the surface underneath your deck’s membrane where thinner plywood may already meet building requirements but using thicker plywood for a few dollars more is actually better because it makes the surface a lot sturdier to step on, especially when there are several people on your deck.



Investing in Good Railings


Railings are installed on decks to protect against slips and falls. But if not done right, railings can easily be an entry point for water to seep inside your deck and cause significant damage. This is when it really pays to hire deck waterproofing specialists who know how to mount rail posts properly to ensure that no water intrusion happens on your deck. Experts also know the different techniques in preventing leaks in railings, so it’s best to leave the job to them.




At the end of the day, it’s all about focusing more on value rather than just thinking about your budget. If you really want to enjoy your deck for a long time and even pass it on to future buyers, it’s always smart to invest in it now.




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