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A Closer Look into Tile Decks and Below Tile Systems

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Is your deck looking old and outdated but you’re still not sure about a full replacement? You might want to try installing tile decks instead. These tiles are stylish and efficient, but they’re not as expensive as replacing your deck altogether.




Tile decks are also more resistant against damage, which means that you don’t have to replace them right away. They also last a lot longer if you install the right below tile system that provides protection to the wood structure and preserve the condition of your tiles.




But what really goes into tile decks and below tile systems? Here are some things that you should know:




The Floor System


The first step to this project is to prepare the floor system, which will be determined by the existing condition of the deck and the floor used for it. The right sub-floor panels should be used to ensure that no damage is done to the existing deck and the tile deck that will be installed above it. This is when it really counts to hire professionals who have experience in tile decks and below tile systems to ensure that the right materials and methods are used in preparing your deck’s floor system.



A backerboard should also be applied before installing the Ditra membrane for added durability and protection. An exterior-rated cement backerboard is usually recommended and it should be properly applied to ensure that there will be no problems when the membrane is installed.



Once the backerboard is set, the membrane is applied carefully, usually in large sheets to maintain consistency throughout the length of the deck. Proper measurements should be made beforehand to ensure that everything fits well. Careful installation also avoids bubbles that can affect the tiles that will be installed above the membrane.




The Tile System


The great thing about installing tile decks is that you have a lot of options when it comes to design, color and even the way it will be installed on your deck. Some choose the regular straight pattern while others want to be more adventurous with more unique patterns.



The first step to installing the tiles is by laying it out to see how it will look like before it is installed permanently. This also gives the installers ideas on how to go about the installation to achieve the results that you want and if your tiles are enough to cover the space.



After the tiles are completely installed, it should be checked thoroughly for any loopholes that might affect its quality and longevity. Professional installers usually check your deck a couple of weeks after installation to make sure that there are no leaks anywhere on your deck.




There are so many wonderful benefits to installing tiles on your deck. Aside from instantly spicing up the space, it also makes your deck more durable and strong while providing extra protection from damages caused by moisture and water. Of course, this option also saves you a lot of money without compromising the quality of your deck.




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