Waterproofing Buildings

About the Building Envelope

Waterproofing includes taking actions to seal off the building envelope for your residence or commercial building. What is the building envelope? The “building envelope” refers to the structural elements that separate the interior environment from the exterior, such as the foundation, walls, and roof. There must be a certain amount of air exchange to provide for proper ventilation, but it is desirable to seal the building environment as much as possible in order to keep the elements out and to conserve energy costs.


When the building envelope has been properly sealed, the interior will be waterproofed to protect against leaks during the rainstorms and flash flooding that hit Southern California during the winter months. You can expect to see your utility bills drop as your air-conditioned and heated air is not leaking out through cracks and seams in the structure.
WICR, Inc. differentiates themselves from the competition, not only by their specialized knowledge and certified status but also by providing important details in our work that our competitors often skip. Parapet caps, flexible flashings, wall penetrations, transitions, and tie in’s are just a few. We use self-adhered membranes or fluid-applied to create a proper watertight building.