Underground Waterproofing Applications


below grade waterproofing

Customized Below Grade Waterproofing Solutions

Today, structures are becoming more complex, environmentally diverse and more than anything, difficult to build. From luxury high-end residences on the coast that are enveloped by the high tide to parking structures extending three to four stories under the surface, with contaminated soil and everything in between, the team at Los Angeles waterproofing company WICR, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to perform on any below grade project.


Types of Projects:


Under Foundation
Waterproofing membrane systems under foundations in lieu of, or in addition to, vapor barriers to create a completely enveloped structure. This can include methane mitigation solutions since there are special areas where this toxic gas is found throughout the region. In order to keep the structure, and residences safe, we apply special membranes that are designed to block out methane.


Blind Side Waterproofing – Blind side waterproofing is waterproofing membrane systems for lagging walls (front and rear), caisson walls, and soil walls.


Positive Side Waterproofing – These are your typical freestanding walls, usually made of CMU, brick, poured-in-place concrete and the occasional shotcrete. The waterproofing membrane system is applied after the walls are formed, stripped and cured.


Negative Side Waterproofing – These are waterproofing membrane systems that are applied topically to the interior of the wall to prevent moisture intrusion. This type of waterproofing can be used as a double membrane system by utilizing it in conjunction with positive or blindside applications. It can be used for leak remediation as well.


Subterranean Drainage – Products and applications used to remove water from around the footing perimeter.


Rock Pockets – Drainage pockets used for blindside applications, typically placed every 8-10 feet on center. These are small pockets, filled with gravel, wrapped with fabric and a drain standpipe for the waterproofing system to connect to the rest of the structure.


French Drain (Burrito Wrap) – Four-inch perforated pipe laid in and surrounded by gravel that is wrapped like a burrito with drainage fabric.


Drainage Composites – Most commonly used because they act as a protection course as well as a drainage medium for the below-grade membranes. They vary in sizes, drainage rates and types of fabrics and backings. Typically, these are made part of the waterproofing membrane system.



The most common brands we use for below grade applications are Tremco, Vulkem Coatings, Tremproof Membranes, Paraseal Sheet Membranes, Tremdrain Drainage Systems, Cetco, WR Grace Bituthene and Procor, Polyguard, Aquafin, Xypex, DeNeef, Sika, Carlisle, TegraSeal, TurboSeal, and Jiffy Seal, along with many more. These waterproofing solutions are commonly used in elevator pits, basements, subterranean parking structures, site retaining walls and other structure foundations. Learn more about your options and get an initial estimate on your project by contacting us now!