Fred Wanke

Founder and President


Fred Wanke was the founder and President of Wanke Enterprises, Inc. where he directed residential and commercial painting and waterproof coating services from 1979 to 1997. During this time Wanke Enterprises, Inc. was named San Diego’ business of the year in 1989, and completed numerous notable historical painting renovations. Wanke Enterprises, Inc. became WICR, Inc. in 1997 with the collaboration of Bill Campbell and Fred Wanke. Notable is Fred’ over 30 years of experience in the waterproofing, deck coatings, and construction industries.

Currently Fred is the CEO of WICR, Inc. with responsibilities for sales of installations, rehabilitations, and repairs of waterproof systems and decking. He specializes in a variety of different areas of the industry including air barriers, epoxy coatings, deck reconstruction, railing reconstruction, below grade systems, planters, vehicular coatings, pedestrian coatings, below tile systems, and specifications of moisture control and waterproof system for new construction. In recent years, Fred has been focusing on repair, reconstruction, and rehabilitation of existing residences, commercial properties, homeowners associations, condominium associations, and apartments.

Fred received a Bachelor’ of Arts degree in Urban Studies, Economics and Spanish Literature in 1979. His Activities and Societies focused on Rugby and the South Bay Economic Development Corporation. A native of Los Angeles, California, Fred currently resides in San Diego, California where he operates one of WICR, Inc.’s sales offices.

Fred is a loyal husband and the proud father of two daughters. He owns his own wine company making proprietary Bordeaux style wines. In his leisurely time Fred enjoys fishing, investing, gourmet cooking, as well as wine pairing and tasting.



Sean Krubinski

Vice President of Reconstruction and Maintenance Division



Sean Krubinski is a Senior Estimator and Vice President of WICR’s Reconstruction and Maintenance Division. Sean’s work focuses on the maintenance and reconstruction of existing decking and waterproof systems. With over ten years of experience in the industry, Sean has extensive knowledge and experience with deck coatings and waterproofing membranes.

Hired in 2000, Sean has held many different positions at WICR, Inc. including field installations, customer service, project scheduling, and account management. In 2005, Sean was promoted to a full time Sales and Estimating position where he was tasked with developing and managing WICR’s maintenance division.

In 2012, Sean Krubinski was promoted to Vice President of the Reconstruction and Maintenance Division. His responsibilities include estimating, sales, project, and account management of rehabilitation and reconstruction projects pertaining to multi-family developments including: homeowners associations, condominium associations, apartments, and state-funded housing. Sean works in all counties throughout Southern California and select locations in Arizona and Nevada.

Sean resides in Diamond Bar, Ca with his fiancé Noel Davis. In his spare time, Sean enjoys playing sports and working out at the gym. Having played basketball for the majority of his life, Sean loves to engage in pick-up games at the park and watching the Lakers play. When he is not busy playing sports, Sean enjoys volunteering his time at the local animal shelter and city park. Sean has completed over 400 hours of volunteer work and looks forward to continuing his community service whenever he gets the chance.



Steven Dolan

Vice President of New Construction Division



Prior to starting his career with WICR in 2008, Steven Dolan worked in the construction and remodeling industry. Steven started with WICR as a new construction sales representative for San Diego County. During this time Steven grew his expertise in below grade walls, planters, deck coatings, below tile systems, and epoxy coatings. He has worked on a variety of different projects ranging from residential and multi-family structures to hotels and restaurants.

In 2012 Steven was promoted to Vice President of New Construction Division and currently works out of our sales office in San Diego, CA. His expertise in waterproof applications has allowed him to handle some of the most difficult conditions, details, and applications in the industry. Steven is currently responsible for estimating, sales, and account management of new construction projects pertaining to all types of projects: industrial, commercial and residential. Steven works in all counties throughout Southern California and select locations in Arizona and Nevada.

Steven was born and raised in San Diego, CA. When Steven isn’t at work his hobbies include riding his custom chopper, river and desert activities, disc golf, and rock climbing. Steven also enjoys reggae and country live music.



Kelly Durham-Tunnicliff

Accounting Manager



Kelly Durham-Tunnicliff joined the WICR, Inc. team back in 1999. With over 14 years of experience with WICR, Inc. Kelly has an extensive background in accounting, contracts, and insurance. Kelly’s years of dedication working closely with executive officers has provided her the knowledge to be able to handle, even complicated contracts and insurance requirements, in a timely fashion. Kelly’s know-how allows our company to stay on the cutting edge of accounting procedures, Human Resources, Risk Management and Contract negotiation with our clients. She manages a full staff of office personnel in our corporate headquarters in Palm Springs, CA and she maintains a complete understanding of our client’s needs, sales staff support, and employee related issues.


Kelly’s management and guidance provides the support needed by the staff to fully involve themselves in their individual duties such as providing excellent customer service, scheduling, accurate customer invoicing, and payroll performed to the highest letter of the law, including government jobs prevailing wage payroll. Kelly currently resides in the High Desert area. When not at work you will find Kelly at her ranch growing and canning vegetables. She also enjoys spending time playing with her dogs, Earl, Luke and Duchess.



Marina Hughes

Human Resources Manager



Marina joined WICR, Inc. in May 2011. Her 13 years’ experience in the construction industry provided her with the knowledge and knowhow to jump right in and not only add to the support team with the preparation, issuance and processing of contracts but was able to take over the payroll department. Marina maintains payroll information by directing the collection, calculation, and entering of data. She determines payroll liabilities, by approving the calculation of employee federal and state income and social security taxes, and employer’s social security, unemployment, and workers compensation payments, as well as provides payroll information by answering questions and requests. She maintains employee confidence and protects payroll operations by keeping information confidential. Marina also works on prevailing wage payroll and meeting all the necessary requirements for those government projects.

Marina has 2 daughters who are 15 and 13 with her husband of 15 years. When she isn’t at work you can find her attending and cheering on both girls at their track meets, basketball or volleyball games.



Ernie Perez

General Superintendent



Ernie Perez possesses our “General Superintendent” position. He oversees all of the installations WICR is contracted to perform. He impacts our company with his strong knowledge and ability to comprehensively attack the most challenging of any technical installation, the understanding of all manufacture approved specifications and creative scheduling which grants every request made by our clients the peace of mind in knowing that all of their requirements and necessities are attended to with the upmost importance and competency. He specializes in a wide variety of all New Construction, Rehab and Maintenance state of affairs for both “Above” and “Below Grade” waterproofing. The biggest contribution Ernie makes to the team is his enthusiasm and efforts to provide the highest possible level of Customer Satisfaction, which is acknowledged and second to none in the industry.


Ernie furthered his education where he majored in Business while attending SBSU and was awarded “player of the year” in 1998 for his outstanding efforts and accomplishments as an SBSU All-American second baseman.
Prior to joining the W.I.C.R. Inc. team, Ernie held a Project Director Position for a very reputable Investment firm based out of Anaheim, CA , where he worked for over 6+ yrs (from 2004-2010).


Being born and raised in Rialto, CA, Ernie took full advantage of the opportunity to relocate to San Diego in 2003 with his amazing wife and two beautiful daughters. Ernie, Erica along with his daughters, have recently welcomed a new addition to their family and are thoroughly embracing the joy this new baby boy brings to the home. He is very family oriented and stays heavily involved in both his daughters’ academic and social activities. He continues his efforts to reach out to the community and is involved in multiple non-profit organizations throughout San Diego County.


Mario Ramirez

Field Superintendent



Mario Ramirez joined WICR, Inc.’s installation crew back in 2000. As part of the installation crew, Mario installed various different types of waterproofing, decking, and flooring systems under the general supervision of Bill Campbell. Shortly after being hired in 2000, Mario became a team leader for WICR, Inc. and started running his own crew.

Mario and his crew have performed a variety of different types of installations for WICR, Inc. including below grade systems, below tile systems, epoxy coatings, vehicular coatings, pedestrian coatings, and various different types of deck coating systems. Mario has gained extensive knowledge of deck construction and reconstruction, framing and blocking, railing reconstruction and repairs, subterranean repairs, and general deck coating and waterproofing maintenance repairs.

In 2012 Mario became WICR’s Field Superintendent after Bill Campbell retired from the field. As Field Superintendent Mario coordinates material deliveries to jobsites, provides general supervision of field workers, and works directly with the general superintendent advising him of project progress and problems. Mario is very friendly and courteous, dedicated to every project whether it’s an industrial, commercial, residential, or HOA project. Mario’ goal as Field Superintendent is to keep and maintain the quality of excellence WICR Inc. has established in the industry.

A native to Southern California, Mario was raised in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, CA. In his limited free time he enjoys spending time with his family, reading, and swimming. Mario currently resides in Riverside County. He is a devoted family man with a beautiful wife and three wonderful children. Recently, Mario and his wife welcomed with love of their beautiful baby girl, Jimena Ramirez.



Analisa Martinez

Customer Service



Analisa Martinez works in WICR’s Customer Service Department at our Corporate Office. Analisa’s work focuses on providing excellent customer service to our clients. She also assists our scheduling department, wearing several hats when needed. Analisa processes jobs and works directly with clients to ensure their job is running as smooth as possible.

Analisa previously worked for The Home Depot for many years. She is very familiar anywhere from supplies needed for a project to putting the project together. With having a father as a General Contractor and brothers who have worked in the field, she has had the opportunity to get hands on training on major construction projects.

Analisa’ main focus outside of work is her 3 children. She works hard to make sure her children excel in school academically and become amazing members of society. She is very family oriented and has lived in the Coachella Valley her entire life.



Chris Swanson

Sales Engineer & Support



A key member of the New Construction sales team, Chris S. comes from a diverse background of employers that include construction, home remodeling, event production, warehouse logistics, and customer service. With emphasis on customer satisfaction Chris serves the Los Angeles and Orange County regions for our new construction division. As an assistant to Steven Dolan (Vice President of New Construction) he has already been involved in countless industrial, commercial, and residential projects. His main objective for WICR is to market and expand the company in new directions by finding construction projects in their first stages; here he is constantly introducing WICR to as many new clients as possible creating new long lasting business relationships. As a dedicated employee of WICR, Chris hopes to become a lead estimator for WICR with his vast knowledge and experience with waterproofing systems. With a strong determination to achieve his goals, Chris holds a promising future with the WICR family.

Born in Palm Springs, CA and raised around the San Gabriel Valley just outside Los Angeles, Chris has been a passionate local musician and songwriter since the age of fourteen years old. As a graduate of the Citrus College music program in Glendora, CA Chris has been apart of many music projects as a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter. He is heavily involved in his local music community performing weekly around California. In his spare time he regularly hikes, skateboards, and goes to the beach with his family and friends.



Mary Flanagan




Mary has joined our team with over 20 years experience in all phases of construction accounting. Her main focus over the last 10 years has been Accounts Receivable and Collections which has become her forte’. Her experience includes multiple trades from grading to finish work in all areas of Southern California. As a result, she is familiar with all contractor forms, accounting procedures and policies.

Mary has 2 daughters – one in high school and one in college and lots of pets at home. When everyone is off on the weekends, there is always a trip planned to the beach or mountains or just a fun place to go. Mary enjoys photography and always has a camera with her.



Araceli Martinez

Customer Service



Araceli joined our WICR Inc team in 2014. With over 6 years of customer service experience, she helps manage our Customer Service Department. Araceli process all jobs to our field workers and serves as a liason with clients to keep them informed regarding their projects. Araceli strives to provide excellent customer service to all projects that come our way and ensures all customer related issues are resolved.

During her weekends, she enjoys helping her partner, Saul, with his automobile mechanic business, either customizing vehicles or learning a thing or two in repairing vehicles.




Bill Campbell

balcony waterproofing

Bill Campbell was and will remain one of the cornerstones of WICR, Inc. Prior to working with Fred Wanke, Bill successfully managed his own company called Decorative Waterproofing, which was founded in 1978 and closed in 1994 when Bill met Fred. In 1994, Fred and Bill began to collaborate their expertise to start a new business specializing in waterproof coatings and decking. Thus, Wanke Enterprises, Inc. was reborn into WICR, Inc. in 1997 shortly after Bill and Fred’ collaboration.

In 1997, Bill started running WICR’s installation crews, and shortly after became the head manager of all projects and construction sites in Southern California. With over 40 years of experience in the industries, Bill possessed an extensive knowledge of waterproof systems, air barriers, epoxy coatings, below grade waterproofing, below tile systems, pedestrian coatings, vehicular coatings, deck reconstruction, railing reconstruction, and all aspects pertaining to decking and waterproof coating rehabilitations.

Bill was born in Santa Monica, CA and in later years resided in Beaumont, CA with his wife and five amazing children. In September of 2012, Bill retired from field management, and moved to Colorado with his family.

In June of 2013, Bill Campbell tragically passed away in an automobile accident. Bill will be missed by every member of our team. The fundamentals of Bill’s spirit will remain an integral part of WICR, Inc. Our condolences to the Campbell family.