About Our Deck Inspection Services

Waterproofing and decking inspections are highly important for the longevity of balconies, walkways, and decks. Identifying issues on your association’s decks in a timely manner allows your association to correct small problems quickly before they become larger and more expensive problems. Not every deck in your association is the same. Each deck should receive its own inspection to identify its unique problems.

Decks facing south and west typically need more maintenance than those facing north and east. Decks covered with a roof or trellis usually need less maintenance than those exposed to full sun. Other issues can arise from an individual homeowner’s lack of caution while using the barbecue (dropping hot coals); placing items on the deck that might trap water (carpets, tile, planters without saucers); or placing furniture on the deck that is too heavy and can cause punctures in the top coats.


What do WICR, Inc.’s inspection reports include?

  • Detailed matrix of all issues listed deck by deck, unit by unit
  • Photo documentation of each issue with a detailed description
  • Repair and maintenance recommendations for each unique issue


What does WICR, Inc. check for when completing an inspection?

  • Bubbles
  • Cracking or flaking coating
  • Peeling top coats
  • Adequate sloping
  • Balustrade systems, railings, or guard rails
  • Bird baths or ponds (pooling water)
  • Door thresholds
  • Weep screeds and slider door clearance
  • Stair Nosing
  • Sheet metal flashing
  • Damage caused by homeowners
  • Association rule violations (upon request)


WICR, Inc.’s fast, knowledgeable and efficient team will be able to provide you with everything you need to know about each unique deck in your association in as fast as three days’ turnaround. Our maintenance department estimators each have more than a decade of experience. We take pride in providing our condominium and homeowner associations with the most detailed inspection reports and photo documentation.