Summer is upon us, and the weather is finally heating up. This means we’ll likely be spending more of our time enjoying our beautiful decks. Our home’s outdoor areas are the perfect place to BBQ, eat dinner al fresco, or catch up with friends(with a safe distance, or course). But before you get out there, it’s a good idea to keep up with some summer deck maintenance. Be sure to watch out for these common summer deck problems.



After the rainy season has ended, you may be left with signs of rot in your wooden deck. Rot doesn’t just affect the way your deck looks, it ultimately takes away from its structural integrity. It requires quick attention, so it’s essential to watch out for any indications of rotting. To fix this, you’ll most likely need to replace the rotting boards. Depending on the severity, you may need a complete deck replacement. Once the deck is fixed and rot-free, be sure to seal it off with a proper waterproofing solution so no more rot will occur when the rainy season returns.



Over time, wood can start to lose its color. When it’s exposed to the sunlight during the summer months, this can happen much quicker. Although this might make your deck look less than brand new, signs of weathering don’t usually damage the structure of your deck. Luckily, this is an easy fix by using a bit of wood cleaner and some deck oil, to keep it protected from further sun damage.


Unstable Railings

Railings are an essential part of raised decks, as they help keep everyone safe. But the more use they get, the more prone to damage they’ll be. During those warmer months when you may be spending more time on your deck, it’s especially important to make sure the railings are in great condition. Start by checking each and every part of the railing, to ensure all the beams are sturdy and in place, free of splinters, and clear of any signs of degradation. If you notice anything that may pose a safety hazard, repair it right away!



Before you get out there and start enjoying your deck this summer, be sure to check the boards for any cracking. Even a small crack or split can get larger over time if not taken care of properly. This issue is a simple fix – just replace the cracked boards and seal to ensure no further damage.


Remember, the best way to keep your deck protected is to seal it after every repair. Getting waterproofing done right is no small task, so let WICR’s waterproofing and decking experts help you ensure your deck stays looking its best – for a perfect summer and beyond.