Coating Services

If you want that amazing dream garage floor, or need to rebuild your deck from start to finish, we can do it all. Some of the different types of coating services that we can provide you with include:

Epoxy Floors
We install commercial-grade resonated floors with a number of different aggregate mediums to create an aesthetic appeal you desire. Our floors can be mold and micro-organism preventative, features which are excellent for food processing centers, restaurants, wine rooms, breweries or any residential garage.

We apply thin-layered systems over the existing concrete to rejuvenate the overall appearance of the pool area. Finishes with tile patterns, stone patterns, and different textures, stains, and colors are all available. We also make the repairs necessary to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements such as sloping and concrete expansion joints. This solution is great for pool decks, driveways, first-level walkways, hallways, etc.

Caulking and Sealants
We make it look easy, although it’s not. We have tons of colors and types of caulking to meet any criteria for your project.

Part of the process is to ensure that all the proper details are taken care of first. Waterproofing is only as good as the substrate and prep-work itself, so if needed, we can remove and replace plywood, joists, stucco, railing posts, railing feet, doors and thresholds, excavation, shoring, drywall, and do any other work that is needed to repair your structure.

Sheet Metal
Probably the most integral part of waterproofing is the sheet metal flashing, so of course, we do it. We can use 24 gauge, G-90 galvanized as our “base,” which is far ahead of the industry standard (26 gauge, G-40), or we can upgrade to 26-gauge or greater 308 – 316 stainless or even 16-ounce or greater copper. We try to limit our bending on site, and we utilize custom-made collars and boots to seal off all pin holes. Our door pans are made with a ½-in. kick in the rear and soldered at the corners as a standard, not just bent and caulked. We go above and beyond with our sheet metal as just another way of ensuring that you stay dry.