If you are looking for a way to make your home, community, or business more beautiful, consider installing planters where you can grow flowers, shrubbery or small trees. With planters, you can turn your balcony or deck into a small garden or grove where you, your family, your guests or customers can enjoy time enjoying the beauty of the Southern California climate. In addition to planters on the surface of a deck or balcony, you may also choose to install below grade planters that are sunk into the ground and hug against the foundation of the building, thereby providing an aesthetic natural accent to the appearance of the structure.


Types of Planters

At WICR, Inc., we can assist you with any of the common types of planters that you may choose to place or install on your property. In many cases, our customers want raised planters, which consist of four walls and are found either on the ground or on a deck. It is not enough to simply place a planter or potted plant on the deck, since this can cause rotting or damage to the surface and substrate by trapping water. Instead, we assist by installing the necessary waterproofing, as well as drainage, irrigation systems and other features to ensure the beauty and overall longevity of the vegetation.

We also do waterproofing projects when a raised planter or below-grade planter is causing leaks into the building foundation or an underground parking garage. In many cases, below-grade planters have not been properly installed with waterproofing and sealant to ensure that the water used to irrigate the vegetation does not seep into the adjacent structure. Our Los Angeles waterproofing company can help you fix the problem by applying waterproofing membranes, as well as a drainage system to draw off the excess water. We commonly use Vulkem Coatings and Tremdrain Drainage Systems for this type of project. Whether you are interested in planters as part of a new construction project or if you need waterproofing solutions to stop leaks and rotting caused by an existing planter, contact us now for an initial inspection and estimate!